Our used machines

We classify our used machines according to their condition as follows:

a, Raw status:
The machine is sold only after visual inspection upon arrival of the machine to our site. No guarantee.

b, Raw, complete status:
The machine is sold in a cleaned, functional status after visual inspection and testing. We change parts only in case if it impedes the operability of the machine.

c, Refurbished status:
After the selection of the machine, we decompose them into parts, and we scrape with sandblaster the parts that are in contact with water (boiler, valves, …), change the sealings, furthermore we also change the parts (motors, pumps, …) that function incorrectly (loud, slow, …), we improve the physical aspect – as far as possible (film change, polishing of scratched decorative elements…). On request, we put labels, texts on the machines, we price and gram them.

The machines that are completely refurbished by us may be installed immediately from our site. All refurbished machines will be invoiced only after the signature of the completed “Control check list”! We provide 6 months of guarantee for the parts of the refurbished machines!